Get Started

So. Hows this work? Glad you asked!

  1. Sign in with Twitch. This will allow us to record your Twitch username and lets us access your sub list
  2. Create your server and generate your link to put in your cards.
  3. Download our plugin to allow our servers to communicate to your Minecraft server.
  4. Get your key and put it in the conf and reload the plugin
  5. Let your subs know and they will Sign in to our system with Twitch
  6. THey will be able to add your server and it will check our records against Twitch and will Whitelist them!
  7. Eat cookies with the time you will save!
that want their subs to connect but don't want to have to put in someones in game name everytime someone subs. You must be wondering how it works. It utilizes Twitch login to add your Twitch name to our DB and when someone subs it checks their sub list to check if your name is there, if it is it adds them to the list and every X minutes it checks the DB and the plugin will add them to the whitelist.