Neon Lightning

Twitch Affiliate Streamer / Youtuber

PHP Developer / College Graduate

 About Me

Hello, I am Neon or Erik and I am the developer of this plugin for Minecraft servers.

I am a recent college graduate in computer programming with a passion for code and video games. I have had a passion for playing Minecraft since 2013 and tinkers with servers from time to time.

This plugin idea was originally brought up due to other plugins no longer being up to date for this specific task. So we at Gryphin decided to make our own plugin to automate the task of Subscriber Only Minecraft servers for Twitch Affilaites and Partners.

We hope this plugin will serve you well. If you would like to support me, you can use the links on the left to my platforms. If you would like to support this project as a whole, you can get a premium server which allows for customization to make your experience unique.